Kambiz Yaghmaei, born in Tehran (Iran) in 1960, developed his love for music early on in his childhood in the musical environment of his family. He gained considerable experience through his elder brothers Dr. Keyvan Yaghmaei (violin), Kourosh Yaghmaei (santur and guitar) and Kamran Yaghmaei (guitar). The first instruments he learned to play were the guitar and the piano.

He graduated from the Tehran Music Conservatory, where he majored in percussion. He was subsequently engaged by the Tehran Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist.
He also had private tuition in composing from the well-known Persian composer Ostâd Mortezâh Hannâneh.

He then moved to Europe to expand his musical experience and was engaged as a percussionist in the Istanbul Opera Orchestra in Turkey.

In Germany, he completed his music studies at the Mainz Music Conservatory, where he majored in percussion.

After many years of experience with classical western music and other western musical styles, he returend to studies of traditional music of his home country and learned to play the santur, a Persian instrument.

Through intensive theoretical and practical studies of traditional Persian music he recognized that this music, by its very nature, contains all the prerequisites for developing a new expression of Persian music.

Building on this insight, Kambiz Yaghmaei developed his own style of music, which he now presents on his first CD SANTUR & PERCUSSION SOLO.
All pieces on this CD are his own compositions.

Kambiz Yaghmaei lives in Germany where he teaches music and plays in concerts.